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Why We Must Overturn The Order

To Stand Up for Texas Families with Trans Kids

Gov. Abbott’s order dehumanizes Texas families and their children. These families continue to face unwarranted and invasive child abuse investigations in their homes. Many families have left the state in order to protect their children. Even worse, already at-risk transgender children are being traumatized for no good reason. These families are simply trying to ensure access to gender-affirming health care that is often lifesaving and is recommended by every major medical association. 

To Help Texas DFPS Focus on Kids Truly in Need of Safety

Gov. Abbott’s order has depleted DFPS resources and created more danger for children in truly unsafe homes. Forcing child protective service workers to unnecessarily – and unethically — investigate families with transgender kids has increased resignations from the already understaffed agency. In 2022, there have been 2,300 resignations at DFPS.  This order has caused the agency to waste valuable investigatory time in an already overburdened system. Taking away resources from Texas children who are experiencing real child abuse is truly dangerous and can have tragic consequences.

To Let Texas Professionals Do Their Jobs

Under Gov. Abbott’s order, mandatory reporters of child abuse such as doctors, nurses, teachers, medical professionals, and more are being forced to violate their professional ethics by requiring them to report families with transgender children to DFPS. It has also compelled physicians to stop treatment for some Texas children. This has been especially devasting to professionals who know just how loving these families are and that they are following the best medical care recommended to keep their transgender kids safe. 

American Academy of Pediatrics 

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

American Medical Association

Endocrine Society

American Psychological Association

American Psychiatric Association